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The Awful Truth

So this is where I tell ya more about myself than you may know or even care to know. It's where I tell ya what I believe in.If you get offended by people telling ya what they believe,then leave now and go listen to my music.Better yet,buy some of my music,I could use the ego stroking!.

On October 30th of 1988 I gave my life to Jesus backstage at a rock concert.That's right, Jesus as in Jesus Christ,Son of God,Savior,King of Kings,Yah Weh,Yeshuah Messiah,that Jesus.Not some new age,feel good,fuzzy wuzzy guru that says Buddah,Mohamed,Krishna,whatever,are all the same god but go by different names.There is only one God and that is the God of the Bible.

And no, I am not some Religious Right Republican,nor am I a Do Whatever Democrat.I don't need a title to know who I am.

So why did I do it? I spent my whole life up until then not wanting to hear about church and religion.To tell you the truth,I don't care to hear about it even now.What is the so called "church" is more of a social clique and political stance than the gathering of the saints which the scriptures (that's the Bible,folks) talk about.I read the Bible when I was a kid and then as a young adult but I never really wanted to understand it.But that night in October I felt the move was upon me and it was time to get in the game or get out.The written page does not begin to convey what i am trying to express.If you want to know what I am talking about,send me your phone # and I will call ya and tell you about it.In the meantime all you need to do is grab a Bible and read the following scripture:

John 3:16

"John" is the book in the New Testament.

"3" is the chapter

"16" is the verse

Now read all of the book of John.
Now here's a prayer you can pray that will change your life:

"Dear Father in Heaven, I humble myself before you, acknowledging I am a sinner. By faith I accept Jesus' death on the Cross as payment for my sins. Jesus, I open my heart and receive you as my Lord and Savior. Lord guide me, teach me, change me, fill me with your Holy Spirit. Thank you, In the precious name of Jesus I pray. Amen."

 Now go and live your life.Truly.

One more thing;Don't look at me for an example of what a "Christian" is supposed to be.I will let you down and dissapoint you.I am fallable,corruptable,and altogether full of sin.But I am forgivin by Him who can truly forgive.I don't need anyone alse's favor or validation to be whole.I am whole because of God the Father,God the Son,and God the Spirit.

 If you are wondering what a person claiming to be Native American is doing beleiving in Jesus given the history of Christians and Native Americans then what I say is "Get over it".
People are generaly screwed up and will do horrible things in the name of God,country,whatever. To stereotype Christians into one group of mindless morons with no considerate standard towards others is backwards and self destructive. What is the Truth and what humans have passed off as the "truth" are often in conflict.Yes,there is no excuse for the "sins" of the past and I am not defending any group or belief.I only wish to make you aware that the God that I worship is the same God that provided for my ancestors.The same Creator that gave us this land,this very Earth,to look after.He has performed the ultimate Sundance,giving more than flesh and blood for the People.He gave his life.Look to Him for the answers to your questions.Not to man and all of his shortcomings

That's what I believe.

We Are Indeed All Related

God Bless You,



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